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2016 - 2017 Vocal Music Concerts

Wednesday, December 7th

3rd Grade Concert @ 6:30 pm (arrival time 6:15 pm)

5th Grade Concert @ 7:30 pm (arrival time 7:15 pm)

Tuesday, February 9th
1st Grade Concert @ 6:30 pm (arrival time 6:15 pm)

Thursday, April 20th
2nd Grade Concert @ 6:30pm (arrival time 6:15 pm)
4th Grade Concert @ 7:30pm (arrival time 7:15 pm)

Thursday, May 18th
6th Grade Concert @ 7:00pm (arrival time 6:30 pm)

Wizard of Oz

Congratulations for a GREAT performance!
Thank you to all who helped make this year's performance a huge success!

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